Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Prove it: Do school libraries and librarians make a difference?

Do school libraries and librarians make a difference? YES!

The Kieth Curry Lance Studies,  sometimes called the Colorado Studies, did solid gold job of documenting how and why libraries are essential for teaching and learning in school.  14 years of research across a dozen states, established the importance of library media and professionally trained librarians.

Lance's exhaustive research established the rock solid conclusion that a professionally staffed library media center is the most effective way to improve student learning. (Well almost, the most effective way to improve student learning is to improved a student's socio-economic conditions.)

Here is a Diigo annotated link to a detailed overview of Lance's research into the effectiveness of school libraries and librarians:

He answers the question I asked in this post: Do school libraries or librarians make a difference?  His answer (A HUGE YES!) is backed by 14 years of remarkable research.  The point is proved.  But this information remains unknown to many principals and superintendents.

Anyone interested in 21st century teaching and learning will find this interview fascinating.

Those of you in the field struggling to keep your programs going need this information to PROVE your point!  

More Resources:
Many of the online references to Kieth Curry Lance's work are no longer working.  It's ironic to me that such vital resources have suffered linkrot.  I went to the Colorado State Library system and did a Google site search.  I was relieved to find many of Lance's materials still available online. Here's a link to an index of his materials now available via the state library website: .