Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Flow of Information

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    • Information flows in different ways in different subject areas. Each of the
      links below takes you to a timeline which will show you how information flowed
      from a sample event, research study, or artistic creation. Pick the subject
      area that you are researching or that you find interesting.

    • The nitty gritty on finding things in an electronic format

      You've been told that the computer is a vast treasure trove of information
      at your fingertips. But when you try to get into that stash, you're often
      left with a great deal of information that is mostly useless.

      This unit cracks open the information vault to give you a look inside
      the database, which is the structure that contains the information you're
      looking for.
    • Information Literacy is the ability to identify what information is needed, understand how
      the information is organized, identify the best sources of information for a given need, locate those sources, evaluate
      the sources critically, and share that information. It is the knowledge of commonly used research techniques.
    • Putting the research process to work

      Don’t know where to begin? This unit will help kickstart your research
      with a ten-step strategy that works for just about any discipline.

      In the first part of this unit you’ll find instructions on a ten
      step research method. On the last pages of the unit, you’ll see
      the strategy put to work in 3 examples.
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