Monday, July 14, 2008

Website Investigator: Apple Learning Exchange Podcast from NECC 2008

The Information Forensics Podcast was recorded at NECC 2008 in San Antonio, Texas and produced by the Apple Learning Exchange. PowerPoint is also available from the NECC


For many students, online research just doesn’t come naturally. Most students have trouble locating relevant information. Even if they find good information, they lack the investigative skills needed to evaluate their sources.

The purpose of this session is to provide participants with an understanding of efficient methods for evaluating online information and to demonstrate effective ways to teach these information fluency skills in classrooms.

The new generation of NETS standards for students (ISTE, 2007), is based on the premise that efficacy and productivity depends on students’ abilities to conduct research and manage digital information fluently. An essential skill is the ability to evaluate information from a variety of sources and media

Online Course: WSI: Website Investigator: An Introduction to Information Forensics

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